Welcome to linux-wiiu!

linux-wiiu aims to allow access to the Wii U’s unique hardware from the familiar Linux operating environment.

If you’d like to try linux-wiiu for yourself, follow the Install guide.

Content is still being moved from the old wiki, so some pages are missing. Sorry about this :( In the meantime, the README on GitLab has a fair bit of information.


A monitor showing a web browser and FrogFind, with an Arch neofetch in the corner. A Wii U GamePad sits below it with some Xorg log output.

ArchPOWER XFCE desktop, via ccf_100 on Discord

A photo of a Classic Mac OS desktop, with an article - 'The Unholy Saga of Phoenix Hyperspace' - open in Netscape.

Mac OS 9 running under SheepShaver, via quarky

A starry desktop with terminals compiling code for PowerPC.

Adélie IceWM desktop via the Adélie Linux website

The Minecraft Java Edition multiplayer server selector. 'Running Minecraft on the WiiU since 2023!' and 'Xbox 360 Server!!'

Cuberite minecraft server via i_lost_my_bagel on Discord - and yes, the TPS is playable!